The Amazing Inflatable Girl

Roll up, one and all, for the Amazing Inflatable Girl. Marvel in wonder as she somehow manages to lose and gain six pounds in one day. Gasp in awe as the scales read a different number in the evening than the morning. Clap in adoration as she sobs and hurls the scales away with arms that belong on the Michelin Man.

But seriously. I decided today to see just how much my weight fluctuates during the day. I know that you should weigh yourself consistently at the same time, usually before breakfast on a morning, and that you get heavier as the day goes on. I knew I shouldn’t weigh myself in the evening, it would just depress me, but apparently I’m stupid.

Six whole pounds? Six whole pounds?!

That’s the difference between morning me and evening me, which is quite a difference. I don’t think I like evening me very much, and I won’t be weighing her again. She can sit in the corner and feel good about how much weight morning me is managing to lose, while steadfastly ignoring the bloating. Seriously, with that much fluctuation, I have to wonder what’s causing it. Is it air? Food? Some kind of magical spell? One day am I going to blow up like Aunt Marge Dursley and float away?

These are the eternal questions which plague me, and now plague you. You’re welcome.

On another note, I’d like to recommend that anyone who finds this blog (as well as the few friends I bullied into taking the link) follows Asshole Disney on Tumblr. Don’t be fooled by the name, a large portion of this blog deal with asks about fashion and general cute, funny, and sometimes embarrassing stories. The woman who runs it is a total sweetheart, and her tumblr/blog is partly what inspired me to start losing weight properly. I sent her an anon ask when I was really down one day, and she replied patiently and kindly, without being insincere. So go check her out, and you’ll thank me later.