Old People

My Grandpa is awesome, I love him so much, but he’s definitely not technically minded. He has a computer because he likes to think he’s mastered the web (which to him means email and ebay), and he does a lot better than other people his age, so I say good for him. But sometimes things happen that make me remember he’s still not quite The Web Master 2014.

He sent me an email, a very nice one with love from him and Grandma, but he made one fundamental mistake… he wrote the entire email in the subject line and then left the body of the email blank. See…


Weekly weigh in

Weight: 276.2 (oh no, an increase!)

Waist: 128cm

Bust: 128cm

Hips: 136cm

So that’s a weight gain, but a 1cm loss from the hips and a 2cm loss from the bust. What are you doing body? Get it together, we’re supposed to be a team here.