Spiders in my hair

I try and keep on top of cleaning my flat, because I’m supposed to be a responsible adult who takes care of that sort of thing… mostly… sometimes. Anyway, cobwebs usually escape my attention because they’re up so high and I’m short without any ladders to reach them. Except I noticed a big cobweb with what looked like a dead spider in it over my bed, and I thought I better get rid of it or else it would probably drop off in the night into my mouth.

I got up on the bed and prodded it with a duster, and that’s when it fell apart to reveal literally dozens of tiny baby spiders. They went everywhere, all over my wall, my bed, my hair, my clothes. I might have been scared once upon a time, but then I remembered some amazing spider pictures I’ve seen that prove spiders are total dorks.

See? Dorks.

So I’ve decided to keep them all and call them Cecil. All of them.

In other, more serious and weight related news. I swam 80 lengths today, but had to get out in the middle for a glass of water because I was hiccuping. I’ll tell you now, hiccup swimming is not elegant.


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